Machine Vision

Machine vision applications can be tricky and in the end any vision system must have a robust lensing and lighting solution.  We lean heavily on our years of experience designing and developing custom solution vision systems that utilize lensing and lighting properly and effectively. Our policy is to give you more than just the tools and software; we give you the training and confidence to maintain your unique system.

Inspection Systems

  • Identify defects before the product reaches the end-user
  • Reduce scrap by identifying defects immediately in the manufacturing process
  • Lower your warranty and manufacturing costs
  • Reduce the potential for product liability
  • Determine part location
  • Accurately measure part dimensions
  • Recognize color variation
  • Identify part presence and orientation
  • Character recognition and identification(OCR)

AcSYS Automation is continuously expanding its knowledge of products in the vision field.

Currently we support the following vision hardware brands and more.